Member of the 'Guild of Motoring Writers'

Classic Writer of the Year 2011

Feature Writer of the Year 2009

Feature Writer of the Year 2006



Since starting my freelance career in 2000, I have prided myself in providing clients with detailed, accurate and engaging narrative. My submissions reflect my passion for the subject matter, and the extensive research I undertake. I ensure that all of my features are honest, accessible and, above all, have a human touch.

My writing encompasses just about every facet of the classic car world (predominantly, but not exclusively, 1950s to 1980s) historic specials and kit car movements. The focus is on group tests, car specific, restorations, technical, driving impressions, show reports, personality and company profiles ...and much, much more.


 Martyn Morgan Jones


My particular passion is for historic motorsport and I have penned numerous in-depth features and driven a raft of mouth-watering and historically important competition cars. Additionally, I have interviewed and written about a number of key personalities within the world of motorsport.

I organise all of my own features, work hard to secure the best cars and most relevant venues and always work in conjunction with owners' clubs, their designated officials and the photographers. Crucially, I deliver on time.